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A mini moment on Caroline Foster Brown & Daughters Moodboards

We cant show a lot of what we do CFB&D but I thought I would share a little of the process behind the bespoke events we create.

We pride ourselves on thoughtfully considered and completely customised experiences for each client where we bring together the finest creatives to work alongside us. Always orchestrated with great organisation and our biggest passion - our attention to detail.

Moodboards are my favourite way to encapsulate the over all vision for the event, using swatches for all the different elements.

The first impression guests have of the event is the invitation, so its the perfect time to give a hint of whats to come. Backing the invitation with a wallpaper that we may use to cover the bar or using a bespoke illustration that we will use on the embroidered napkins.

We recently worked on a wonderful event where our client (who is a very gifted designer with impeccable taste and attention to detail) wanted really, really special invitations, all to be hand delivered to her 22 guests. We worked with lots of creatives on this project and very very closely with our client to make sure her vision and expectations were met. We had bespoke hand crafted boxes designed, with hand embroidered fabric panels and hand painted and embroidered wallpaper lining. When you opened the box, nestled on top of bespoke tissue paper (scented with their favourite fragrance) lay a hand written invitation with a bespoke ceramic camelia on top. The same flower design was then used for napkin rings on the table for each guest to take home.

All details are carefully thought through - is the paper suitable for the printing process you want to use (each different process requires a certain texture and weight), making sure the paper is calligraphy ink friendly, choosing the perfect pantone colour for the letterpress, what indentation should the letterpress be, matching the calligraphy ink and the colour of the wax used for the bespoke seal for the envelopes.

We have wonderful paper mills in the UK with heavenly colours and textures, I particularly love G F Smith wood effect paper (which I have used before thoughout all the stationery for a teddy bears picnic themed children’s party 🐻) but I also love to use the beautiful textured papers from Japan and India.

Printing beautifully takes time, often pressed by hand using several different and separate processes. One of my favourite printers in London is Avenue Litho - it is a family ran company - who are meticulous and have incredible knowledge - I value their experience and advice before going ahead with any project.

It’s an art form and nothing beats a physical invitation to me, especially in this digital world

Fabric and wallpaper always play a huge part in our events, we use them for invitations, tablecloths, napkins, stage back drops, wrapping bars. Often if I need inspiration for a project I will head to the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour to wander round their showrooms - being surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics really helps me form the scheme.

I recently discovered Gilly Nicholson who has the most wonderful selection of linens, Gilly is heavenly and also has an incredible colour chart of threads so we can choose the perfect trim so it all ties together. Often, we then head over to the dream team Initially London to go through their amazing colour library to add embroidered names or words.

I also adore to engrave glassware with guests names on or fun words - I love to use Millie Stone - Amelia is so lovely and super talented.

…. and not forgetting the perfect paint colour for walls, joins and edges.

There are two elements to delivering successful events - organisation and details - both help create the moments and memories we all cherish from the special events in our life.

All images taken by CFB&D



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