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A moment with Wiggy Kit

Wiggy Kit, designed and created by Wiggy Hindmarch, was founded in 2015 as a women’s ready to wear brand. Built around a vision of a wardrobe that worked as hard as the women she designed for, each Wiggy Kit piece is embedded with positivity, confidence and depth. Like the Wiggy Kit woman there is always more than meets the eye. Artisanal inflections, beautiful cross stitches, military details, shibori prints, the dresses sing with detail that demands attention. Wiggy Kit is one of my favourite fashion brands, she found a gap in the market and has more than filled it, I love that her beautiful and considered designs take me effortlessly from the boardroom to the beach.

I love listening to Wiggy's journey, the generosity in her advice both in business and her personal life plus some great beauty tips too! Enjoy and do check out her new collection which is available online from today - link below.

Tell us your story and what inspired you to set up your company?

I always knew I would start my own business one day. Having had so much hands on retail experience before going on to run other businesses gave me all the practical tools and knowledge to do what I do now. Without that actual practical experience of the nitty gritty and appreciation of the client and what they actually want there would be no way I could have understood the fundamentals. As with all entrepreneurs it is a frustration of not finding something in the marketplace you want that pushes you towards starting something yourself. For me, it was when I realised I had two summer wardrobes - one for vacation which was wholly inappropriate for summer in the city and then a rather poor selection of barely passable dresses that wouldn’t feel too flimsy for London. I didn’t see why one could not design for both scenarios thereby streamlining your wardrobe and simplifying it for women. I also felt that having a wardrobe that can be dressed up or dressed down dependent on the way you accessorise was the key and meant you were never overdressed. And so Wiggy Kit was born…

What are the most rewarding aspects of what you do?

Without a doubt the most rewarding aspect is hearing feedback from my clients of how they are the only pieces in their wardrobe that get complimented on. It is incredibly confidence boosting to receive appreciation and compliments from those around who know you well and even perfect strangers. I get routinely approached when I am out and about from strangers asking me where my clothes are from and it gives me great pleasure to have elicited such a reaction. I hear this from all my clients too. There literally is no better confirmation that what I am doing is right and provoking the reaction that is intended.

Favourite part about your job?

My favourite part of my job are when the samples start coming back and you can see the collection building. When it goes from an abstract drawing and become a 3 dimensional physical product and you realise you have something special. You just know you have a hit. We all try on the pieces in the studio and can see it on so many different body shapes and that really is useful and realistic. We are not fitting on models but real women with real concerns and there is the difference. How to make the most of real women and real physiques and understanding the lifestyle of our client base.

What advice would you offer budding entrepreneurs?

I would say don’t overthink it… overthinking is the death-nell to creativity and entrepreneurial spark. You cannot, I believe be an analytical entrepreneur… this may seem very bad advice but if you analysed whether it is a good idea to start a business then you can pretty match talk yourself out of it. There a million reasons why you should probably not do something. One caveat I would say however, is you need to be convinced what you have is a brilliant idea. Do you smile and feel energised when you talk about it? Does it light a fire within you? Are you worried people might not like it/want it/need it? If you are, then you may not have a great business idea. Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae in the beginning, just get going and be adaptable when you see how the market receives you. Don’t over invest, take it slowly, keep overheads low, don’t invest in an office at first (unless you absolutely have to) you are testing the market in the beginning , put one foot in front of the other….

What is the best piece of career advice you have been given?

It was from my husband (himself an entrepreneur) - if you plan to make a good margin you will probably be in deficit but it you plan to make a big margin you may be lucky enough to make profit. It is all the unexpected costs and overheads that catch people out, especially as they grow.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Honest, loyal and principled

What is your favourite possession and why?

My favourite possessions are my photos and videos. I am a very sentimental and nostalgic person and memories are very important to me. I live as much in the past as I do in the present. The past and those people in your past are not disposable and it feeds very much into who you are in the present moment for good and bad. Living in so many places growing up has been like different lifetimes and within that there are so many people and experiences that have defined each era. They have been different versions of myself and alternate lifestyles. I treasure photos and videos of my children and husband the most. I often sit with my daughters and scroll through the camera roll and laugh and revisit memories. I love to hear how the sound of their voices changed over the years, the different fads they were into or questionable hairstyles I have tried!

What are the beauty and wellness essentials you cannot live without?

My knowledge of beauty and wellness products is extensive, much to my husband’s horror. The bathroom is groaning in bottles and potions, creams and serums. If I wasn’t in fashion then I would be in beauty and skincare no doubt. I have tried everything which is rather helpful for my teenage daughters as I can steer them towards products that are actually good. By my age I now have a few products that are always on repeat buy. I could list them all but for the purpose of this article I will need to cherry pick…

I have been a devotee of Eve Lom cleanser since in launched, there is nothing like it. People have tried to copy but to limited success. It manages to be a balm yet leaves no oily residue, takes all makeup off and does not strip your skin. Dr Hauschka Moor Lavender body oil I slather on at night and it makes me sleep so well. Clarins Tonic body oil I put on in the morning and has the opposite effect. They also make a brilliant translucent bronzing fluid that is totally realistic and peps up every type of skin. A new discovery Is Bioeffect – I bought the entire range and really rate it. Made from only 7 ingredients it has barley derived epidermal growth factor and the results are super impressive. I think highlighters are important as you age but they MUST be the right ones and used in the correct way to give definition and luminosity to your face. I love to use a wide range. Westman Atelier have a peach and bronzing one that you apply with a brush, Chanel do some good ones in a stick and rosy and bronzing drops, Hourglass do an amazing one in stick form too. The key is absolutely no detectable glitter, I use on upper cheekbones, eyes and cupids bow. I could go on but I will be here for days….

What are your top tips for entertaining?

My top tips for entertaining: make it as easy as possible and spend more time setting the mood and atmosphere with lighting, music and ambience. You can get away with murder if you have those three things covered. I am not a cook and frankly hate being in the kitchen, but I think creating a vibe with flattering mood lighting, music to set the scene and good laughs is what makes a great get together. Steak, chips and salad is all anyone wants to eat is my take on it

What does living well mean to you?

Living well means having the time to enjoy what you have with the people you love. We are working on creating a bit more of that in our family. Both my husband and I having our own businesses have curtailed quite as bit of that but we plan to try and right that balance before we miss the boat.

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